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A born to fight hero is discouraged without battles

December 23, 2018
Arawn - Zrozeni

Zakon Jungle begins the Arawn - Zrozeni album with a stream of impetuous drive into the intro, replacing a fascinating medium tempo melodic saga with an epic undertone in the chorus.
Self-titled composition Arawn enters with so fascinating guitar solo, building a lace of the main motive. The vocals complement the melodic musical passages, dancing in the chorus phrases. Again, the Krasna Mrtva intro sets the main motive, but then the vocal complements the musical doubts with emotional phrases, completing the construction of an exciting musical image.
The Lidice vocal raises the emotional mood to an incredible level, the music hovers in the middle tempo waltz, enveloping the vocal with twilight of dark romanticism.
Enchanted music envelops Muzes vocal phrases with melodic haze, vocal phrases elevate the epic narrative of a verse to a different level in the chorus.
Weaving a mysterious veil around a muffled whisper, the Valecnik introduction is preceding a rapid drive of the verse, culminating in a leisurely epic chorus narration.
The majestic musical haze of the Tma intro develops into the main motif of the verse, returning its epic musical canvas in the bridge before the chorus and the chorus itself.
Brightly and fascinatingly the mid-tempo musical canvas rolls out the pulsating canvas of the Krev main motive, then accelerating the tempo in the couplet, but returning to the introduction style in the chorus. Even more fascinating, this melody is revealed by guitar solos in the instrumental part.
The guitar solo in the Vrah intro seems to be preparing for a sharp jerk, but the vocal phrases pull them together, continuing in the majestic mid-tempo narration. But the final part following the instrumental solo inflates the pace, anticipating the album's final composition Zvuky Valky, which boosts power and energy, pulsing tightly with a somewhat faster march.