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Misty fog ... is not clear what lies ahead

February 18, 2017
Howling In The Fog - Evolve

In the misty gloom before dawn and after sunset hiding something Howling In The Fog - Evolve .
Quiet, mysterious whispers accompany sublime refined melody, combining keyboard notes and guitar chords, travels in search of the Sign, the worship to it sings soft clean vocals, with rare and small insertions demonic screaming, in a trip.
Title track Evolve continues lyrical chanting inevitable delights, combining mysterious mythical fabulous voice and harsh gusts of guitar fury and tightening rhythm. But clean vocals - like broadcasts from the other world, without being subject to any the slightest adversity and difficulties, even furious screaming cries that goes to the fore at the end of the track.
Quiet, thoughtful melody envelops by fog of the Unknown sacraments, distant chants without words complements instrumental mystery.
Mysterious, unintelligible sounds wrap Stone in the fog of unknown foreboding, then the rhythm hardens, hastening music vpredverii demonic screaming, bursting to the fore, driving dreamy phrases clean vocals to the background. But guitar fingering is not inferior and returns again so mysterious melody in the instrumental parts, clean vocals breaking free from evil dungeons forth.
Mysterious melody in no hurry to to say Goodbye, continuing to entangle with invisible, intangible threads in a dense rhythmic manner, more clearly and tightly telling its tale.
Sunburst displays a simple and clear melody, dispelling the gloom and darkness. But then melody thickens and tightens, surrounding mystical whisper dreamy words and impenetrable by fog of angry guitar riffs, over which hovers otherworldly keyboard passages. But continues this mysterious whispers and quiet guitar break - followed by the next pulse of the hard drive with a guitar solo.
Sublime Soul creates, using delicate and soft melodies and mystical chants, brief introduction to the Dreaming uniting in a fit of dreamy visions of unattainable and dense background of guitar finger, then screams and growls add shades of vocal history.
Rainbow descends from heaven romantic story, turning everything around in a variety of colors, at the end of complementing them with dark and evil by fog embittered screaming. But in the instrumental part tenderness and quietness back again for a while, this is followed by a fierce drive of the rhythm section and the sublime dreamy guitar motif hovering over a fierce gust.
Anger and fury force their way out Rightnow!, in a torn manner, harshly and broken, repeating incomprehensible melodies until the guitar tenderness and keyboard finesse of instrumental parts - but the anger and the fury comes back again!
Bard guitar complements violin passages and mystical chorus at the beginning of No-Regrets, but the rain stops this symphony - starting the pulsating rhythm of the distant atmosphere of despair and lyrical sadness but gentle guitar back, trying to dispel the oppressive atmosphere - but that resists. In this struggle, the composition is completed and the album overall