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Endorphine generates sparkling happiness

March 26, 2021
Infected Rain - Endorphin

The Earth Mantra song is very meaningfully and diversified by the musical narration of the Infected Rain - Endorphin album - first rolling the waves of a harsh drive, then gently and gently bringing a romantic atmosphere with chagging handles of a singing lady, which introduces the expansion of the stylistics with an emotional recitative. The drum fraction of the Black Gold intro adds a shades of battle march waves, topped with harsh and aggressive heft of demonic harpy.
The clean voice of the singing lady contributes tenderness at the beginning of the Symphony of Trust song, then a fierce witch is witched in a dance with progressive complication of rhythm, then again and again repeating such an alternation. The Pendulum immediately takes on the forefront of the harsh tunes of the fierce vocal, the impudent emotional storm vocal perturbation.
Starting in the harsh rebound of vocal cruelty, calling for revolutionary changes, the Passerby then hesitates the banners of epic inspiration. The impudent severity of violent vocal perturbation, the Lure then makes a variety of madness of a singing lady.
The harsh fierce of musical viscosity is accompanied by the Victims gloomy march, crowned with vocal anger. Starting with chanting of the artistic extravagané of cosmic flows, the Walking Dead composition embodies incredible many styles and genres both in music and in the vocal party. The Taphephobia continues futuristic mysteriousness, then raising the magnificent banners of the dark anthem. After synthetic lifeless intro, the Storm completes the album, as if transferring the medieval minstrel ballad in a distant future.