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50 colors of ... death!

June 01, 2023
Exhaustion, 2022 -  Cold Death Embrace

Whirling with a whirlwind of the introduction, the Heavy Metal Hikers composition rolls out the tape of a rhythmic march, then dispersing the musical dance of the Exhaustion - Cold Death Embrace album on the verge of medium tempo and rapid drive.
The guitar solo of the intro weaves the lace of the main motif of The Pale Horse Named Death song, then crowning the crests of these musical waves with vocals phrases and alternating music and vocals in the foreground of the musical image, weaving an exciting musical canvas from this unity. The guitar solo of the instrumental part presses with the persistence of a battle march, culminating in a whirlwind of guitar passages in anticipation of the final fragment of the musical artwork.
Musical passages confidently and persistently pave the way for a vocal story, again and again emphasizing the name in the chorus of the Midnight Sasquatch composition, enchanting with the bright improvisation of the guitar solo before the end of the musical variations.
The bass guitar solo begins the introduction of the Entrenched Skies battle march, which then drives in a rhythmic act with the bitterness and combativeness of vocals phrases, affirming readiness for fights and battles. The guitar solo of the intro fascinates with intriguing mystery, but then the flywheel of unrestrained drive spins a joint whirlwind of dance with an exciting vocal story, turning over the last pages of the music release with the sound of the War Flags composition.