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Celestial shapes are eternally unbound

September 22, 2017
Hyperborean Skies - Empyrean Fracture

Calm, muffled and restrained intro patiently, leisurely and thoughtfully creates gloomy atmosphere of A Blight Upon the Sky, before the introduction of the vocals whirling up the whirlwinds of drive, but restraining with vocal phrases, opening the mysterious realms beyond Hyperborean Skies - Empyrean Fracture album.
Apocalypse! Sayeth the Prophet continues with the waves of a thoughtful fog enveloping the gloomy fog of atmospheric meditations, bringing vocal tales to the forefront of the musical image.
Like the previous composition continues in Wistful Wanders sound, but replacing meditative anxiety with solemn pride, raising the northern lights in the spirits of the unconquerable Vikings.
In the instrumental saga No Shadows Cast Before Us, the fog of thoughtful reflections in intro has thrown away by a frenzied rhythm, fiercely and unrestrainedly hammering a hard and harsh rhythm over which guitar and key passages roam in crazy, unpredictable motives. But as well as they began, wise knowledge also completes this variety of instrumental parties.
Continuing the atmosphere of wise, experienced reflections And the Night Was Still again refers to the recollection of ancient chronicles, wise treatises, tributing heroes and their exploits. In the vocals, muffled screaming is complemented by druids and fairies. A quiet and tranquil instrumental saga Mists of Memories creates a charming atmosphere of mystical forests in which the invisible fairies adorably glorify their spells.
Immediately unrestrained and impetuously carried away in a stream of straight-line drive, after such a confident and violent impulse, Betrayed by the Stars music realizes the thoughtlessness of young energy and winds up its sound with innumerable curls of wise scrolls bearing age-old knowledge in spite of mindless zeal, imperceptibly flowing into the sound of the next composition Shadowdance, entangling on all sides charming motives. In this obscure, volatile atmosphere of obscure enigmas, unknown spells and incomprehensible dreams, there is a gloomy atmosphere of unconstrained sound, completing the composition with an encouraging dreamy passage.
The atmospheric fog of cosmic secrets without any word All Shadows Left Behind Us, enveloping with the mysteries of obscure thoughts in the abyss of uncertain desires completes the album, setting an endless array of riddles.