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...And Oceans

...And Oceans
War Vol. I (Split)
Season Of Mist
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Split with Bloodthorn
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War Vol. I (Split)

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# Track title Length Lyrics
1 ...Ja Kylma Vesi Nuolee Oksaa (...And Oceans) 05:13
2 100 Meters Final (Accelerate) (...And Oceans) 04:48
3 Flesh ("GGFH" cover) (...And Oceans) 04:58
4 Breeding The Evil Inside ("Bloodthorn" cover) (...And Oceans) 05:19
5 Spite (Bloodthorn) 06:59
6 The End Offensive (War III) (Bloodthorn) 05:37
7 Dead Men Don't Rape ("GGFH" cover) (Bloodthorn) 03:53
8 Karsimyksien Vaaleat Kadet ("...And Oceans" cover) (Bloodthorn) 05:04